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Mar. 20th, 2014

Changing blog site

The very few, very deranged readers I have need to bookmark a new site: http://radicalmoderateblog.wordpress.com

Livejournal is a Russian site and I no longer wish to give them any business. I've become increasingly uncomfortable with them for a few years and the invasion of the Ukraine was the last step.

I hope to see you over there.

Mar. 19th, 2014

Russia and yet more proof the UN is useless

Hilary Clinton was half right. Putin's not just channeling Hitler but Stalin as well. He invaded a foreign nation claiming the need for Lebensraum, that he had the right to invade anywhere where Russians lived. At the same time, he's validating Stalin's ethnic cleansing of the natives. The reason there's a Russian majority, or any Russians at all, is clear. Katherine the Great invaded the Crimea to get a warm water port, holding the native Tatars and others under the Russian thumb. Then Stalin and Khrushchev decided to strengthen control by killing and evicting the natives, then moving in Russians. Many native came back at the fall of the USSR.

There's now a bare Russian majority. Of course, Putin doesn't care about anyone but his ego and covering for being in the closet, so he rigged an election claiming that over 90% of people under his military occupation chose to become part of Russia. He then invaded Ukrainian naval bases.

So what's the UN going to do? Absolutely nothing. Russia and China, totalitarian regimes, have veto power in the Security Council. They protect other dictatorships against encroaching democracy, so they certainly protect themselves. When non-democracies not only have a vote in the democratically run General Assembly but also have veto power, the UN can't ever live up to the goal it set for itself.

The US should pull out of the UN. It has some arms, such as UNICEF, that I'd support if they split off and became independent NGO's, but the UN's political body is, quite clearly, just a shelter for despots.


At the beginning of February, my motorcycle was hit. Luckily it was low speed so I was unhurt. I immediately had the motorcycle towed to the shop and put in a claim. Even better, the guy accepted responsibility and has the same insurance company. That should have been easy. Well, as most people who know me understand, my life isn't easy. It's not always hard, but it's more often strange.

It seems the company recently completely changed how they handle motorcycles, RV's and other non-auto vehicles. They kept losing the pictures the shop sent and blaming the shop. That wasn't believable since the shop is a dealer for four brands of motorcycles and regularly does exactly what they did. It was the insurer who just changed procedures and technology.

I kept complaining to the claims people and to my agents. My agents kept pushing too. finally the claims office finally found out what they were doing wrong with the images. They approved the estimate and then notified me they're sending the money. I don't have the bike, but now it's at least up to the shop to order parts and see how long Suzuki takes.

Mar. 17th, 2014

Don't ever buy a Dell

I've never bought a big name branded computer until I wanted a tablet. I bought a Dell Venue Pro 8. The hardware seems nice. The problem is their technical support is non-existent. They don't allow email, they hang up on you if you call and their chat fails. They do their best to take their money and run.

Planning 101: Couch jocks who don't want more kids


Hilarious article on how vasectomy surgeries see a spike during the NCAA basketball tournament so guys have an excuse to sit in front of the TV.

Mar. 10th, 2014

Another Republican speaks

And supports the clear concept that racism is tightly entwined into the DNA of the party that once worked to free blacks from slavery. This time, it's from Minnesota House of Representatives member Pat Garofalo, claiming things about the NBA that aren't true solely because most players are black.

Mar. 9th, 2014

Republican hypocrisy: a continuing redundancy

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/06/maps-of-the-south-bad-place_n_4855191.html. Check on how the Southern and more conservative states are the poorest, least healthy, most taking states there are.

They whine about "welfare states" and "takers" but refuse to admit , as Pogo did, that "We have met the enemy... and he is us."

Mar. 7th, 2014

Beautiful response to a non-event

A schmuck at Duke recently found out that an incoming freshman woman is a porn actress and publicized that information. Of course, the woman was shamed for voluntarily choosing how to earn her money to pay for school. Now, the real person needed shaming has had that done well, by the head of the porn company.

Mike Kulich, the CEO, published an open letter to Thomas Bagley, the schmuck. Very well done.

Mar. 4th, 2014

Russia, Ukraine and Jews

Neither nation has a history of being good to Jews. There's now one interesting bit being discussed. It seems, just before the Russian invasion, a miraculous set of anti-semitic attacks happened in the Crimea and Russia was quick to blame neo-Nazis. However, the local Jews have a different opinion. As pointed out in a Daily Beast article, the Jews think it was Russians using it as a pretext to try to show why they should invade. The local Jews have asked the international community to support the Ukrainian government in Kiev. They point to the fact that the neo-Nazis groups are only a tiny part of the Maidan movement and have no real power in the broad spectrum represented by the people fighting for freedom.

As other articles have pointed out, Putin has faked a lot of other propaganda to justify his invasion. This is another example.

Mar. 2nd, 2014

Another example of why the death penalty should not exist

As I've mentioned before, I have no problems with the theory of the death penalty but do have problems with the impossibility of ensuring guilt. New evidence found in a Texas case indicates yet another innocent man was killed by zealous prosecutions looking for votes. As reported, a jailhouse informant seems to have been given a lighter sentence for making statements about Cameron Todd Willingham supposedly admitting guilt. That adds to the body of evidence the Innocence Project already found that the arson science used in the trial was bogus.

When prosecutors are given free reign, unlimited funds and no oversight, travesties will continue to happen. Lifetime without possibility of parole does two things. First, it's less expensive. Second, it gives a chance for facts to show up that might have been hidden by our legal system's imbalance.

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